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A Cleveland man must now answer to a judge for his racial abuse campaign against his 70-year-old African-American neighbor, including teaching his 4-year-old son to call her the N-word, the

The woman told the police that she feared for her life and was “visibly shaken” when she reported the series of incidents, including threats to stab her over a three-month span, adding that she was “very hurt” when the man’s child used the racial slur at her.

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Keirian Kelly’s racial terror campaign started in July when his elderly neighbor accidently fell into Kelly’s wife in the lobby of their apartment building. The couple argued with the woman about the mishap. Kelly’s wife moved on from the incident, but he continued to hold a grudge against the neighbor. On several occasions Kelly called her the N-word and threatened to stab her. In one instance, he yelled in the lobby that he was going to stab the neighbor, which prompted a security guard to put him in handcuffs and call the police.

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However, the intimidation continued. The elderly neighbor reported that he yelled racial slurs at her from across the street before approaching and spitting on her one day in August. Kelly, 28, told her, “I’m gonna get you,” on another occasion, as he called her the N-word three times and threatened to kill her son. The police took action, finally arresting Kelly. They later charged him with ethnic intimidation, which is a fifth-degree felony. He’s expected to appear in court on Dec. 4 for arraignment.



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