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The food is definitely the star of the Thanksgiving show, but no meal is complete without the proper complementary cocktail. The best cocktails for the Thanksgiving season expertly combine the flavors of fall with rich, full-bodied spirits to keep you warm and satisfied during and after your meal.

If you’re solely focused on preparing the Thanksgiving feast and haven’t had the time to think about the cocktail menu, don’t fret because HB has you covered. Whether you’re in the mood for dessert-inspired drinks, those with just the right amount of spice or modern twists on classic recipes, we have a list of cocktails that are sure to please a variety of palates.

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving Beauties!

Pumpkin Pie Martini – Would you rather eat your pumpkin pie or drink it? Or maybe enjoy a little bit of both? Try out this Pumpkin Pie Martini recipe that is sweet and rich enough to earn a place on your holiday menu. Bonus: the martini glass is rimmed with crushed graham crackers for extra flavor.

Cranberry Gimlet – If you wait all year for the taste of cranberry sauce and can never seem to get enough, then this cocktail is for you. Cranberries galore are the stars of the Cranberry Gimlet, that has a little lime juice and lots of gin to give it a well-rounded flavor. You can garnish with whole cranberries or eat them by the handful as a dessert alternative.,f_auto,fl_strip_profile.lossy,q_auto:420/v1414427608/cranberry-gimlet-photo.jpg

The Frozen Turkey – Think of The Frozen Turkey as a grown-up milkshake that is heavy on the alcohol (Wild Turkey 101 & Amaretto) and even heavier on the dessert. It’s filled with butter pecan ice cream and brown sugar, but the most important thing is that the taste is absolutely amazing. You’ll definitely want to save room for this one.

Harvest Mimosa – Mimosas aren’t just limited to brunch, and the Thanksgiving-ready Harvest Mimosa proves it. The fruits and flavors of fall are on full display in this irresistible cocktail that provides just enough alcohol, but not too much, so you can enjoy a day full of family fun. This could also work well in a non-alcoholic version.

Rye and Pomegranate Punch – If you’ve ever been to a house party, you know that the punch will sneak up on you before you know it—and this Rye and Pomegranate Punch could possibly do the same thing. It is the perfect combination of sweet, sour and potent, meaning that it will be impossible to stop drinking, but it’s the holiday season, so enjoy!,c_limit/rye-and-pomegranate-punch.jpg

Mirabelle – Sure, cranberries, apples and pumpkin are the dominate fruits during this time of year, but there are others that deserve to get their shine and the Mirabelle cocktail is the perfect opportunity. Featuring a generous amount of plum puree and red plum slices, this drink leaves a lasting impression.

Apple Pie Spiced Cider – Apple cider is a fall and Thanksgiving mainstay, but this Apple Pie Spiced Cider offers up an alcohol-infused twist to the classic beverage. This Thanksgiving, you can skip eating your apple pie and drink it instead, as this cocktail is spicy, sweet and definitely satisfying.

Sparkling Bourbon Pumpkin Apple Punch – What do you get when you combine all of fall’s most prominent flavors into one cocktail? Well, Sparkling Bourbon Pumpkin Apple Punch, of course! This is so easy to make because you’ll likely already have the ingredients left over from your Thanksgiving meal, so give it a try.

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