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Everyone loves to go out to eat at their favorite restaurant around the city. If you knew exactly where your favorite spot ranked on the Health Inspection list, you might think twice about going there right? Well, a few years ago legislation was passed that restaurants must post health inspection grades online. Since then, Councilman Brandon Scott proposed a new legislation forcing restaurants to also post their health inspection records at the establishment.

“These reports and inspections are done with taxpayer dollars for the safety and health of the taxpayers. Taxpayers should be able to see them. We know that a lot of people in Baltimore don’t have access to Internet, especially neighborhoods that are going to be most impacted by this.”

Since the bill is  just being introduced, we still have some time before this becomes a law.

The Heallth Inspection office has said that they are “committed to transparency in food safety. This is why we publish our inspection reports and notify the public when a restaurant is closed due to a failed inspection. We support efforts to increase transparency and improve the flow of information on restaurant inspections for Baltimore’s residents.”


B’More Councilman Pushing Restaraunts To Post Health Inspection Report  was originally published on 92q.com