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Barack Obama and Joe Biden could be teaming up again to save the world in a new cartoon.

We’ve missed the bromance that marked Barack and Joe’s time in The White House. They were capable leaders who worked for the people because they were of the people, and a Kickstarter campaign aims to reunite them for a cartoon that calls them back to duty .

Creator Adam Reid is trying to raise $100,000 to make a pilot for Barry & Joe with a new campaign. The hope is to make enough to make a prologue and mini-episode prologue.

Barry & Joe: The Animated Series will center on the former president and vice president, who have been sent back in time to the bodies of their younger selves and tasked with the mission of changing the future. Neil DeGrasse Tyson, their only link to the present, will help them along the way by appearing to them “the form of an augmented reality that only they can see and hear.”

If this idea seems a bit familiar, it’s because the cartoon will have touches of Quantum Leap. The show will also borrow on concepts from 80s TV, so it will be cheesy in the best possible way.

Donald Trump will be the villain of the show, but he’ll never be seen on-screen. Going by the concept art, the only glimpse viewers will ever see is a tiny orange hand. “In this way, he is like our Doctor Claw from the original Inspector Gadget cartoon. A villain to be heard and felt but not seen. Except for his tiny hands, we’ll see those.”

The story kicks off in the moments after Trump’s inauguration as Barack and Joe are whisked away to start their new mission.

As of press time, Adam had raised $22,171. Find out more about Barry & Joe: The Animated Series before the campaign ends on August 31.


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