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A grieving California family claims that a hospital staff’s negligence led to the sudden death of a 15-year-old.

According to FOX 40 News, Yunique Morris was a healthy and active cheerleader at Weston Ranch High School in Stockton, California. But a few weeks ago, Yunique complained about ongoing chest pain and went to see her doctor at San Joaquin General Hospital. Her diagnosis? Chest wall pain.

Yunique’s grandmother, Wanda Ely, told FOX 40 that her granddaughter was prescribed pain medication and antibiotics and later placed on bed rest. But Ely said that Yunique’s health only deteriorated.

“Her health just started going downhill,” Ely said. “It got to the point where she couldn’t even go up and down a flight of stairs without getting out of breath.”

They took her back to the doctor, but Ely alleges that the doctor insisted Yunique’s illness was minor and she was just experiencing inflammation.  Yunique’s mother, who was not convinced that her daughter’s ailment was minor, asked for an X-ray, But doctors insisted Morris was fine, that her pain was just due to inflammation and it would soon pass.

Sadly, her health didn’t improve and a few days later she texted her mother: “I NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL, I JUST PASSED OUT, I’M THROWING UP NOW.”

Yunique was rushed to the ER where she was diagnosed with four blood clots in her chest—she died a few hours later. The coroner said that it will take two weeks to determine what killed the teen.

A devastated Ely stressed that Yunique spent her final days wondering why she was being ignored by doctors she trusted: “She felt nobody is helping her and she didn’t really understand what was going through her body but she knew something wasn’t right.”

Adding: “My granddaughter was walking around suffering from these blood clots for a period of two weeks and us not knowing that these were going to be her last days.”

Spokespeople for the hospital claim they cannot comment on the teen’s death because of patient confidentiality.

In the meantime, the family has launched a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for the teen’s funeral.


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