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When it comes to building a positive personal persona, 2017 hasn’t really been Steve Harvey’s best year.

First, there was a bizarre series of praise and support for Donald Trump—which sparked serious backlash—and then it was reported this week that he allegedly fired his entire Chicago staff as he moved his production to Los Angeles. Now, a recently leaked memo shows the talk show host being a total diva.

According to Variety, Harvey has been accused of telling his staff “not to talk to him” without an appointment or even stop him in the hallway to speak to him. Apparently the only proper way to talk is by scheduling an appointment first.

“Do not come to my dressing room unless invited….Do not approach me while I’m in the makeup chair unless I ask to speak with you directly,” it said.

“Do not take offense to the new way of doing business. It is for the good of my personal life and enjoyment.”

Sources told Variety that the email was sent to Harvey’s Chicago staff before the start of the fifth season of talk show, “Steve Harvey,” last fall.

Twitter had a lot to say about Harvey’s tone:

Others understood where the 60-year-old was coming from:

Harvey later confirmed and clarified his email.

“I could not find a way to walk from the stage to my dressing room, to sit in my makeup chair, to walk from my dressing room to the stage or to just sit and have lunch without somebody just walking in,” he explained to Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier.  

“I’ve always had a policy where, you know, you can come and talk to me — so many people are great around here, but some of them just started taking advantage of it.”

He continued: “I’m in the hallway, I’m getting ambushed by people with friends that come to the show and having me sign this and do this. I just said, ‘Wait a minute.’ And in hindsight, I probably should’ve handled it a little bit differently.”

He also refused to apologize for his tone and tenor.

“I just didn’t want to be in this prison anymore where I had to be in this little room, scared to go out and take a breath of fresh air without somebody approaching me, so I wrote the letter. “I don’t apologize about the letter, but it’s kind of crazy what people who took this thing and ran, man,” he concluded.

BEAUTIES: Do you believe Harvey has a point or was the memo just plain rude?

SOURCE: Variety; Entertainment Tonight


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