A cameraman and a reporter from WDBJ in Roanoke Virginia are dead, after a gunman opened fire on them during a live interview this morning.   The reporter, Alison Parker, 24, and photographer Adam Ward, 27, were on location at a local water park when the shots rang out.   The live video captured the horror of the situation and the video below if not for the faint of heart  – – viewer discretion is advised

During the station’s live coverage, General Manager Jeff Marks made the following remarks “We do not know the motive. We do not know who the killer is.  We do know the Franklin County sheriff … they are working very diligently to track down both the motive and the person responsible for this terrible crime against two fine journalists.”

UPDATE 11:15a: Police are looking for Lester L. Flanagan – a former station employee who was known as Bryce Williams on air – in connection to the killings.  He was fired from the station last year.

UPDATE 11:57a: The suspect has shot himself after being confronted by authorities

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this horrible crime at this time

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