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Eagles only fly with Eagles

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Episode – 14

Original Air Date: October 30, 2014

The Eagles Nest  Radio One Radio Show airs on Thursdays from 12Noon-1PM EST.

In a time and day where the focus in the News and Social Media is negative, “The Eagles Nest” showcases and highlights those who are overcoming and becoming.  The show is designed to give Hope to those on the fence and on the verge of stepping out on Faith to go after and achieve their Dreams & Goals. 

We know in Nature that “Eagles ONLY Fly With Eagles!” The inspiration from the stories and testimonies shared on our program is a platform for others to be inspired to fly and reach higher.

We focus not on the end result, but the story and beginnings of Greatness. What made someone move forward?  What was the impetus?  Are you chasing your Purpose? Why did you decide to separate yourself from the masses?  Getting to the core of what separates the “Good form the Great?”

Again, clearly showing to our listeners that “Eagles ONLY fly With Eagles!!!” 

Come join us in “The Eagles Nest” weekly every Thursday, 12 Noon to 1PM EST.

Hosted by Entrepreneur, Minister and now On-Air Radio Personality Arnold M. Jolivet, II