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Meeting Nelson Mandela briefly is one thing, but fighting for him before you even shake hands is another. Charles Ogletree actually went to South Africa in 1984 to march for Mandela‘s freedom, and he knew how important his story would be for years to come.

“We had to make sure people understood that we were there to stay,” Ogletree shared on “NewsOne Now” this morning: “I visited South Africa several times. He is a man of courage, of incredible will and he will be remembered.”

“We have to be him, his commitment and courage,” he continued. “That is what I hope we do in the 21st-century. We will forever remember this man not just as a global figure, but someone who should have a national and global holiday to recognize his birth and years of service to a great country.”

Watch the entire clip below.

Charles Ogletree Talks Fighting For Mandela’s Freedom  was originally published on newsone.com