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Family members and supporters of Kyam Livingston (pictured) congregated at E. 18th Street and Church Avenue in Flatbush Thursday evening, marking four months after her death in a Brooklyn holding cell. The group spoke outside the Church Avenue train station before steel NYPD barricades.

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“My daughter begged for seven hours,” said Livingston’s mother, Anita Neal (pictured below, right of center).

“She was in Central Bookings for a minor incident — a remote control. She was arrested for a remote control,” she added, referencing the two remote controls Livingston allegedly broke during the altercation with her grandmother that resulted in police being called.

Livingston, 37, was arrested and placed in a holding cell at Central Bookings for 20 hours, where she soon became sick. Officers ignored cries to get the Mother of two medical attention, other cellmates told the Daily News. By the time an ambulance arrived on Sunday, July 21st, Livingston had reportedly been dead for 20 minutes. Officers claim, though, that she died en-route to a hospital.

Watch Neal and supporters march for Kyam here:

“Whoever knew my daughter, whoever knows me, knows my daughter was a good girl. She didn’t bother anybody! She died because she had a stomachache! Her stomach was hurting. They did not do anything for her!” Neil wailed, in tears.

“I am a parent myself; I have two children,” said speaker Andrew Bongiorno. ‘My two children are Black. But if this could happen to Kyam Livingston, this could happen to anyone’s child. I just wanna know what kind of city my children are gonna grow up in.”

Another speaker, who didn’t give his name, reiterated the four demands the family wants:

1. The names of the officers who allegedly ignored Livingston’s cries for help.

2. Criminal charges against said officers.

3. An examination of Brooklyn Central Bookings

4. Surveillance video of Livingston’s final hours (which the NYPD claims it doesn’t have).

During the rally, the crowd chanted, “We want the tapes, and we want the names!”

“We don’t need just a different mayor; we don’t need just a different president; we need a different system,” said Adam, a N.Y.C. high school teacher who has spoken about Livingston with his students. “That core foundation of change that’s required cannot be achieved within a system that is built on slavery, within a system that is built on genocide of the native peoples of this continent. Kyam Livingston will not be forgotten.”

“Brooklyn needs to rise up; ya’ll need to get angry!’ said Loyda Colon, a member of the Justice Committee. “Ya’ll need to be angry, ya’ll need to be on these streets. We should be covering all these streets, no traffic moving.”

As the crowd marched down Church Avenue, chanting, “Justice for Kyam Livingston, killed in a Brooklyn cell!” Neal opened the doors to businesses in the area so they could hear the crowd.

She also revealed that she learned the identity of one of the officers who oversaw Kyam. “I have a name already,” Neal said. “And I can call out a name right now. But I’m not gonna do that. You know who you are. I know who you are.”

“God gonna take care of you. God gonna see you tonight.”

The rallies are held each month on the 21st to mark Livingston’s date of death. A February rally is tentatively scheduled to take place outside Brooklyn Central Bookings.

Livingston’s family has also filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the NYPD and the city.

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See more pictures from the rally below:

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