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A Lorain County, Ohio, judge ordered Asim Taylor (pictured) not to have anymore children during his probation period or he could face jail time for being in arrears for child support payments, reports the

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With Taylor being behind in child support nearly $100,000 for the four children he already has, Judge James Walther decided to give him a probation period of five years with the stipulation that if Taylor makes the mistake of having yet another child during his probation, he will get thrown in jail for a year. 

At Taylor’s sentencing, the judge reportedly cautioned Taylor, “I put this condition on for one reason and one reason alone: it’s your personal responsibility to pay for these kids.”

Watch Taylor’s case here:

Not surprisingly, Taylor’s lawyer, Doug Merrill, argues that the judge’s punishment is totally unrealistic, extreme, and an invasion of his client’s right to procreate, because the ruling puts stressful constraints on Taylor’s sex life, “The court is now stepping in to his bedroom.”

Judge Walther did agree to lift the ban on procreation if the 35-year-old could prove he is in fact making a concerted effort to pay back the monies he owes to support his brood.

When the hearing was concluded, Taylor stressed how he does love his children and should not be portrayed as a deadbeat Dad,  “I take care of my children,” he lamented.  “I just don’t pay them through child support.”


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