Emmanuel Tadeo (pictured) of Sandy Springs, Georgia allegedly beat his wife with her Pomeranian dog during a domestic dispute, WSB-TV reports.

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“It is probably one of the worst cases of animal cruelty that we’ve ever seen,” Capt. Steve Rose, spokesman for the Sandy Springs Police Department, told Channel 2.

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Tadeo was cuffed on May 20 after cops responded to calls that he was assaulting his wife, Andrea Jill Armintrout, at their home.  Allegedly drunk, cops said the altercation began during an argument in which Tadeo blamed his wife for “misfortunes” in his life. He then focused his anger on the dog, first kicking and stomping it. Tedeo then allegedly grabbed the poor thing and hit his wife with it.

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“It was a very graphic scene. The dog was dead. The man had not only kicked the dog and stomped on the dog, according to what he said, [he] snapped the dog’s neck,” Rose said.

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Tadeo was originally charged with battery and misdemeanor cruelty to animals and released on June 14 on $5,000 bond. Those charges were upgraded to “aggravated assault, aggravated battery, battery and two counts of cruelty to animals,” according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He was arrested again and is being held without bond.

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His wife was arrested on Friday and charged with one count of misdemeanor obstruction. She is being held on $500 bond.

Cops say she didn’t want to cooperate with the investigation.

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