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George Zimmerman apologized to the parents of slain teen Trayvon Martin this morning at the neighborhood watch’s bond hearing.

Zimmerman was allowed to say a few words before newly appointed Florida judge set a $150,000 bond that will let him get out of jail while he awaits trial.

“I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son,” Zimmerman said. “I did not know if he was armed.”

Before his testimony, Zimmerman’s family spoke on his behalf stating that he is a caring and non-violent person, who created an organization for a beaten homeless man and mentored an African-American boy for two years.

George Zimmerman is accused of second-degree murder in Martin’s death on February 26th. Zimmerman went into hiding immediately after the shooting. Critics have accused him of racially profiling Martin and unjustly killing him.

Before his arrest, Zimmerman was hiding out of state but remained in touch with authorities, according to police in Sanford, Florida, where the shooting happened. Zimmerman says the shooting was in self-defense.

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