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Gwinnett County sheriff’s deputy, Duone Clark, 40, was arrested Wednesday and held without bond on charges that he sexually assaulted a male inmate while on duty, reports the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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In addition to the alleged sexual assault, Clark is being held for violation of oath by a public officer, according to Gwinnett sheriff’s Lt. Sean Smith, who confirmed that allegations that Clark “engaged in sexual activity with an inmate while in custody at the jail”  are being investigated and that the deputy has been placed on administrative leave:

“Authorities secured enough evidence, along with witness statements, to secure warrants for Clark’s arrest,” Smith said.

Clark has since resigned from the department and is being housed in a separate facility “for safety and security reasons,” reports the AJC.

This is not the first time that a sheriff’s deputy has allegedly been caught with his pants down.

In August of last year, Mason Chibnick, a veteran sheriff’s deputy at Paul Rein Detention Facility in Pompano, FL, was accused of overseeing an “orgy-like” atmosphere, which included women dancing topless and performing sex acts on each other. According to the Orlanda Sentinel, it was found through an internal investigation that Chibnick, “violated the code of ethics, failed to use good judgment and engaged in conduct unbecoming of a BSO employee.”

In addition to the strip club environment that flourished under his watch, he also sent a photo of his penis — next to a toothbrush — to an inmate’s sister, tracked down one former inmate on Facebook and was allegedly seen walking into a closet with another.


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