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The Chicago Teachers Union has accused the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) system of racism.  On Wednesday, the Teachers Union filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission office, alleging that while 29 percent of the CPS system teachers were African American, 43 percent of those teachers were subject to a massive 2011 layoff spree. According to the complaint, white teachers make up 47 percent of the workforce but suffered a smaller 36 percent cut in staff.

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The union further asserts that the layoffs were disproportionately doled out, affecting several schools with a high numbers of low-income African-American students.

[CPS] is illegally terminating and laying off African-American teachers who are highly qualified and excellent teachers,” said Robin Potter, union attorney. This is not a question. It is a systematic effort to rid the Chicago Public Schools of tenured teachers who are African-American.

CPS has yet to address the complaint publicly. This recent filing falls on the heels of a current pending ruling over a lawsuit the union filed in 2010 over the firing of 1,300 teachers, with more than half of the educators being tenured. The union said CPS fired teachers with tenure improperly.


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