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NEW YORK-While sentencing Jaquan “Jay Cash” Layne, to twenty years in prison, Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin lectured their families and members of the community.

Layne was the boyfriend of Afrika Owes who helped him traffic guns and received a god deal of media attention due to her private school background.

The New York Daily News reports:

“Gun violence in Harlem is the responsibility of that community,” Supreme Court Justice Edward McLaughlin said as he sent the 21-year-old leader of the W. 137th St. gang, Jaquan “Jay Cash” Layne away for 20 years to life.

“If you do nothing, you are complicit,” McLaughlin said as he urged families to do more to turn their kids from crime.

“If your relative is not doing homework, if you are not going to their school and talking with their teachers, then you contribute to your child’s and your community’s destruction,” the judge said.

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