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Is the chocolate walnut finally going to crack?

The Washington Post is reporting that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is “reassessing” whether or not to continue campaigning for the highest office in the land. The new development comes less than 24 hours after another woman, Ginger White, claimed to have had a 13-year affair with the former pizza executive.

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One adviser said that Cain will ponder his prospects over the the next few days and will make a decision by the end of the week. Cain will keep his current campaign schedule.

Spokesman J.D. Gordon did not immediately return e-mails seeking comments on the reassessment but Cain’s Iowa campaign manager, Steve Grubbs, confirmed the re-examination to the Associated Press.

It seems the more Cain denies he has had an affair with anyone, the more women that pop up to counter his claims. In a Fox News interview, Cain flatly denied the affair. But his lawyer, Lin Wood, followed up with something of a contradictory statement. “An accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults” is not “not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public.”

Mr. Wood did not do a good job with damage control on that one.

Read the rest of the story at The Washington Post.


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