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All across the south a ton of criminals have one thing in common. They love themselves some Waffle House! Most recently DeAngelo Heard and Edwin Mitchell have been getting their dine and their crime on. Apparently these two have been accused of  jacking Waffle Houses from Georgia to Alabama. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

“The MO in most of the robberies has been the same: The perpetrators appear to be two hungry men, placing a to-go order at the Waffle House counter in the early-morning hours. They order food, then sit and wait while the food is prepared.

But when the food is ready and it’s time to pay, one of the men pulls a gun and demands cash.”

These two got caught, but the crime wave won’t stop. The New York Times cites Waffle House as the place of choice for everything from fugitive pit stops, to terrorist attack meetings. A cross-dressing bank robber was recently seen getting his eat on at a Waffle House. Crime may not pay but it sure does make you hungry.

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Kelly Thrasher, a spokeswoman for Waffle House told reporters:

“You can’t escape stereotypes. It’s not that more of these stories happen at Waffle Houses. It’s just getting more attention when it happens at a Waffle House.”

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