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Thousands of peaceful protesters gathered in downtown Oakland Wednesday morning to kick off a planned “general strike” to draw attention to the Occupy movement’s core concern over economic inequality.

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The day’s actions — which some believe will mark the largest East Bay protest since the Vietnam War — include marches on banks, teach-ins, a dance flash mob and an attempt to shutter the Port of Oakland come evening.

Wednesday morning, loud music played in Frank Ogawa Plaza, the City Hall square that has been the site of the Occupy Oakland encampment. The camp was fully reestablished just days after the city ordered it razed last week.

A heavy response to those demonstrating the camp’s demolition by riot-geared police lobbing tear gas placed Oakland’s movement in the national and even international spotlight. Occupy Oakland has since garnered support from as far away as Cairo and Melbourne, and solidarity marches were planned Wednesday in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and elsewhere.

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