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The #OccupyTogether movement has been popping up in cities across America but by far the largest of the franchise is #OccupyWallStreet where 700 people were arrested this past weekend. As more people descend on Wall Street, it’s apparent that many of them aren’t too sure what they really are there for.

Loop 21 talked with some young black protesters who had some interesting insight on their being part of history.

“I thought this protest was about Troy at first,” Gregory said looking at the newspaper, raising his voice to be heard over a pulsating drum beat happening just feet away. “Just like with the all the last minute outrage over Troy Davis, my first reaction was, well, why wasn’t this being done sooner? It’s getting colder out here, not warmer.”

“These issues would never come up in the hood,” he said. “Black people don’t care about Wall Street. Poor black people are too busy surviving to worry about Wall Street. If we make it about change then that could attract, more people that look like me.”

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