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The “Occupy Wall Street” protests continue to grab the attention of millions across the world as protestors have descended on Wall Street and refuse to leave.

“It’s about democracy; it’s about everyone here has a chance to speak and be heard,” said Justin Brown of Brooklyn, who joined the protest a week ago.

Many of the protestors are fighting for everything  from global warming to gas prices to corporate greed, and their website says organizers took their inspiration in part from the so-called Arab Spring demonstrations that have tried to bring democracy across the Arab world.

But while their message might be a tad muddled, all are united by their anger over what they say is a broken system, a system that serves the wealthy and powerful at the expense of the rest.

Protester Brendan Burke insists he and the others are fighting for more than 99 percent of the American population.

“Everyone has this problem,” he said, “White, black. Rich or poor. Where you live. Everyone has a financial inequity oppressing them.”

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