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Ovarian cancer, which affects 21,000 women a year and kills 15,000 affects white women more, but African American women have a much lower survival rate.

Dr. Therese Dolecek of the University of Illinois at Chicago had conducted a study of the disease and its affect on African American women.

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The Grio reports:

“This is a perfect example of a scientific area where there is a paucity of information, and this study is going to help fill that hole,” says Dr. Therese Dolecek of University of Illinois at Chicago, and lead investigator in the study.

Dolecek’s team is investigating the risk factors specifically associated with black women who develop the disease. They aim to enroll 1,000 African American women recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The study began last year and is scheduled to end in 2015.

The critical problem with ovarian cancer is that it’s often diagnosed late in the disease, when treatments are not as successful.

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