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NEW YORK — Police captured a man charged with robbing several banks by tracing posts and pictures on his Facebook page.

Jesse Hippolite was charged by the NYPD with 3 stickups and is suspected of 16 others. Hippolite named himself after notorious bank robber, Willie S. Sutton on Facebook.

The New York Daily News reports:

The feds say Hippolite’s spree began unraveling on July 1 after an employee at a Chase Bank on Flushing Ave. in Brooklyn noted the first three letters of the license plate on the getaway Nissan Altima.

Only one vehicle in the state had the letter combination.

Hippolite’s web page had an incriminating nugget: 47 minutes before the July 1 robbery he posted “I Gotta Get That $$$$$ Man!!!”

Read More At The New York Daily News


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