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NEW YORK– Popular blogger and People.com editor Janet Mock  goes on the record in a candid interview revealing that she was in fact born a boy in a recent interview with Marie Claire.

In the interview, Mock goes deep discussing her upbringing as a boy, her operation, losing her virginity and her current relationship.

She tells Marie Claire:

Once, when I was 5-years-old, a little girl who lived next door to my grandmother dared me to put on a muumuu and run across a nearby parking lot. So I did. I threw it on, hiked it up in one hand, and ran like hell. It felt amazing to be in a dress. But suddenly my grandmother appeared, a look of horror on her face. I knew immediately that I had crossed some kind of line.

While on these hormones, I lost my virginity at age 17 to a guy I met while I was working at a boutique. He knew my background but said he didn’t care. Even though I trusted him, I couldn’t relax and insisted on keeping the lights off.

Check out her transformation at her site.


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