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Detroit, Michigan–  Detroit is facing the challenge of cutting city costs by down-sizing the city and consolidating the city’s inhabitants in response to the  rapid  population decrease. Their ultimate plan is to have numerous people from all ends of the city relocate to the “strongest and most viable” neighborhoods, so the city can cost-effectively provide services to select neighborhoods.

It is expected that the worst Detroit neighborhoods will soon have less frequent public services available, like garbage pickup; leaving the families in the worst neighborhoods to consider moving to more expensive neighborhoods in order to receive services paid by their own tax dollars.

City officials say firefighters and the police will continue to serve all Detroit neighborhoods.

A team is expected to present a proposed map to guide investment in each of the city’s neighborhoods later this month.

“We want to reduce the city’s cost of delivering services, but we also want to support a baseline quality of life — the key is how do we balance that out?” Marja M. Winters, deputy director of the city’s planning and development department said.



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