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Washington — President Barack Obama and his top aides launched a roadshow Wednesday aimed at putting some momentum behind his State of the Union proposals to beef up American competitiveness and spur job creation.

Just hours after delivering his address to the joint session of Congress, Obama visited three Wisconsin manufacturing companies, including firms that make energy-efficiency technology, solar power cells, and wind turbines to create electricity.

“These aren’t just good jobs that can help you pay the bills and support your families. They’re jobs that are good for all of us; that will make our energy bills cheaper; that will make our planet safer; that will sharpen America’s competitive edge in the world,” Obama said in his visit to Orion Energy Systems in Manitowoc, Wisc.

With Republicans emphasizing unfettered free enterprise and less government intervention as the way to create jobs, the president stressed that the firms’ success depended not only on entrepreneurial spirit, but on government policies that encouraged companies to pursue green technology.

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