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Like most people, I have a tendency to lose myself in all the wonderful food and goodies that are cooked during the holidays. Trying to stay on my regular diet is impossible when you have all these temptations around you. Knowing this, we tend to feel guilty after such large consumption and then never go back to our healthy way of living. Well here are five easy ways to stay on track and not get sideswipe during the holidays.

1.Measure Your Intake

I’ve found this to be very helpful. If you take a little bit of everything, and by a little bit I mean serious portion control, you will find that you are full and not over stuffed. I understand that the mac and cheese is just as good as the stuffing; but if you want both, try to take four tablespoons of each to lesson your carbohydrate intake. Measuring your food is a good way to satisfy your carvings and maintain a balance meal.

2.Drink A Big Glass of Water With Half of Lemon In It

Not only is water good for you, but it also can contribute to your weight loss. Water helps you to feel more full, which means you will eat less. It also helps with digestion. When you add lemon juice, it helps you burn up to 75 calories per cup. So instead of that glass of soda or juice, drink some unsweetened lemonade.

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3.Skip Or Limit You Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is a carbohydrate! Therefore, it will turn into sugar, which turns into fat, which equals bad news for your waistline. It is best to skip the alcohol all together. Most holiday feasts or get togethers, have meals that exceed your normal calorie intake and adding alcohol to the mix only increases your chances of over doing it. If you feel like this is too harsh of a rule, try only having one to two drinks per night. Each drink should only equal up to 125 calories.

4.Eat Slower And Chew More

It takes about 20 minutes for your brain and body to connect and make the full signal appear to you. When you stretch out your meal to 10-20 minutes you will be surprise how fast you will feel full. Eating slower and chewing more also promotes good digestion. The mouth is the first step in the digestion process in our bodies. Chewing your food 23 times will help your body breakdown matter faster.

5.Walk It off

I know it’s cold and the pie looks better than a nice walk, but its important that you try to burn some calories after a big meal. I am not saying go for a run directly after eating, but taking the dog for a walk or maybe walking home half way from a party, is a good way to burn calories.

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