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Tensions are arising in Miami after an African American male, Akil Larue Oliver was killed by Arab store owners in Miami. CBS 4 Miami reports: Demonstrators

A demonstration was held outside the store Friday night, and those attending said Akil Larue Oliver, 34, was beaten to death because he was black.

But Miami-Dade Police spokesman Roy Rutland said it was Oliver who went into the store at 5:45 p.m. Thursday and allegedly began verbally attacking the store owners, using racial slurs against them.

As he was being escorted out of the store by the corrections officer, Nabil Sulaiman, 19, allegedly armed himself with a bottle and hit him.

Police reports say three other employees became involved and as Oliver began to defend himself Ragheb M. Sulaiman, 24, allegedly hit him over the head with a crowbar, killing him.

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