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Massachusetts (Gawker)– That was quick. Just hours after covertly-filmed video of a racist woman berating a mailman went viral, she’s been identified as Erika Winchester, speech coach and citizen police academy graduate. But did this incident really get the mail carrier fired?

When the video was splashed all over blogs and message boards like 4chan and Reddit last night, the Internet hive mind quickly tracked the woman down. She was identified as 60-year-old Erika Winchester of Hingham, Mass., and her number and address were posted on numerous sites. (Real estate records confirm Winchester lives at the house featured in the video.) Winchester runs a speech coaching business called The Speech Company, which bills itself as “the nationally leading human-to-human communication organization.” She’s also a sometimes-actress, judging from this old listing on Exploretalent.com.

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White woman racially insults Black man

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