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Mike Pezzano is one of  the men who attacked a woman before a debate between Rand Paul and Jack Conway for Senator for Kentucky according to reports. An anonymous Tea Party member sent an email to blogger Lisa Graas identifying the man who slammed Lauren Valle, an activist for Repulicore, which was founded by MoveOn.org to expose Republican corporate hypocrisy as Pezzano.

Pezzano is originally from Toms River, New Jersey but lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is a member of the The Lexington Rand/Ron Paul Campaign for Liberty Group. He is interested in marijuana and guns according to his meetup page and is friends with Rand Paul on facebook and lists his likes as Gun Owners Of America, the Libertarian Party and the Fox News show, Freedom Watch With Judge Napolitano.

The man who actually stepped on her head ha been identified as Tim Profitt a volunteer for Rand Paul’s Senate campaign


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