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Given the suggestion that President Obama might be a drag on the ticket in blue state Connecticut – which hasn’t elected a GOP Senator since 1982 – you might wonder just how busy the president’s campaign schedule will be.

White House officials say every state and district is different, and the president will have an active time on the trail. Look for him to visit California, Nevada, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania – at the very least.

The president can do three things to help Democrats, officials say:

1) Raise money – as he did in Connecticut last night;

2) Frame the debate – as he’s been doing with the debate over extending the Bush tax cuts for those who earn over $200,000 a year;

3) Rally Obama voters to the polls – helping to gin up enthusiasm so that young voters, college-educated voters, African-Americans, Latinos and others who pulled the lever for Obama in 2008 see keeping the House and Senate Democratic in the mid-term elections as part of the president’s agenda.

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